Tour Fever

This year’s Tour de France will be starting off pretty soon. For all you cycling fans, I took the liberty of posting ESPN’s 30-minute highlight show for the Philippines from the Prologue until Stage 7. I will post the schedule of the other stages as soon as they’re available in the ESPN website.

4 July 2004


Liege (Individual Time Trial)

12:00 NN Prologue

06:30 PM Prologue(Replay)

5 July 2004


Liege to Charleroi

09:00 AM Stage 1

12:00 NN Stage 1(Replay)

06:30 PM Stage 1(Replay)

6 July 2004


Charleroi to Namur

12:00 NN Stage 2

06:30 PM Stage 2(Replay)

7 July 2004


Waterloo to Wasquehal

08:00 AM Stage 3

12:00 NN Stage 3(Replay)

06:30 PM Stage 3(Replay)

8 July 2004


Cambrai to Arras (Team Time Trial)

08:00 AM Stage 4

12:00 NN Stage 4(Replay)

06:30 PM Stage 4(Replay)

9 July 2004


Amiens to Chartres

01:00 PM Stage 5

06:30 PM Stage 5(Replay)

10 July 2004


Bonneval to Angers

12:00 PM Stage 6

05:30 PM Stage 6(Replay)

11 July 2004


Chateubraint to Saint Brieuc

08:00 AM Stage 7

12:00 NN Stage 7(Replay)

06:30 PM Stage 7(Replay)

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