It’s her loss.

Well, after four years of being together, my brother is single again. It was the girl who said it’s over. Her reason was she wanted to date other guys. Oh well. Maybe she hasn’t matured enough to think about long-term commitments. But that’s OK. Better now than when they’ve tied the knot.

We’ve been discussing it in the house, and we strongly believe that it’s the ex-girlfriend’s big loss. I know my brother well, and objectively speaking, he’s really quite a catch. Boys who really take care of their loved ones are quite rare nowadays. And at 24, this Ateneo Law School student council president and all-around good guy is now open to the market! I wouldn’t be surprised to see him dating pretty soon.

The minute we heard the news, Charo and I went through our list fo friends to look for someone my brother can date. If you anyone interested, leave a message in the comment box!

Oh yeah, please welcome Kookie to the world of blogging!

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