Greetings to my friend Rumel, who is now currently staying in Japan working his ass off and getting filthy rich in the process. A self-confessed blog addict, he said in his email that he checks for updates every hour. Wazzup Melopeds! Thank God you’re finally in Friendster! Now what you have to do is to fill up the other stuff there and post a picture!

On biking, I’d like to congratulate the Firefly Brigade for a good Tour of the Fireflies this year. Maybe next year you can move it back to the Marikina-QC area. A lot of people, myself included, find this year’s route not exactly exciting.

Also, the Tour Pilipinas is also underway. For updates, you can tune in to Studio 23 or login to their official website at In terms of television coverage, we still have a lot to learn to make it more exciting. But I’d take a less-than-spectacular coverage than no-coverage at all. Hey Sev Sarmenta! You worked with renowned cycling commentator Phil Ligget during the past tours, right? You can do better than that! C’mon!

Lance Armstrong won today’s criterium and time trial stages, earning him the yellow jersey in this year’s Tour of Georgia in the U.S. Two other members of his US Postal Cycling Team moved up and are also in the top ten of the general classification. They are Viatchezlav Ekimov and George Hincapie. Cool! If Lance gives his 100%, he might be able to pull this off. But I’m thinking he’ll be giving this to his teammate if ever one climbs up in the placings as he did with Floyd Landis.

Happy 30th (daw) Birthday to my boss. Heard you have a great gift this year ah! Congratulations! Painom ka naman! 😉

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