I’m having the vacation hangover and I can’t believe it’s Monday so soon! The five-day holy week break is over, but I still want to stay in bed and be lazy the whole day.

My body doesn’t hurt that much any more from the Good Friday Visita Iglesia ride in Batangas. That was probably the worst Visita Iglesia I did. My fitness level was nowhere near adequate that I had to hang on to Jap’s scooter in the difficult Padre Garcia to Mount Carmel, Lipa stretch. And going to San Vicente Ferrer from the Lipa Cathedral, I was attacking the San Fernando Air Base “incline” at less than 15 kilometer an hour. My legs were starting to have cramps and my butt hurt from hours of sitting on the bike saddle.

I got back my Cannondale SuperV from Cholo because he can only pay half of it. What an asshole. Anyway, I’m selling it again. If there’s anyone interested in buying let me know. I’ll be posting pictures in this site soon.

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