Last Friday wasn’t our ordinary office day. It was our Tagaytay planning session. We didn’t do service description grids (and saved a lot of paper in the process).

It was a welcome break from dealing with really annoying cry babies, who, despite you reasoning to them that the three-person tech team is drowning with projects, would go straight to your superiors and insist on launching their service on March 31. And when you did commit to that date, it ended up that it was them who can’t deliver to their own set deadline.

(Sorry. I had to let that one out. Hehehehe!)

Anyway, I picked up moby, Mira and Grace in the Pantoja bakery at around ten minutes to eight and drove straight to Shell Magallanes. Surprisingly, the traffic was really light. We didn’t expect to make it to Magallanes in 35 minutes!

While waiting, Moby and I shared a big Cinnamon Roll from Cinnabon. What a sugar rush!

We left Shell for Enchanted Kingdom hoping that we can do our planning and R&R there, but the park opens at 2:00 pm. So we went back to the original plan and headed for Tagaytay.

The whole trip was really for pigging out.

We first went to Leslie’s to have some Bulalo, Crispy Pata, Tawilis and Tuna Belly for lunch. Siyempre I can only eat fish lang. (The picture on the left was taken from there.)

Bossing was craving for halo-halo for dessert, so we ended up at the cafe of the beautifully renovated Taal Vista Hotel. They cleaned up well! Gone are the droves of tourists in jeepneys that turn this area into a market place. If you’ve got time, I advise you to check it out. (The picture on the right is us planning while having dessert at the Taal Vista.)

After that we went to Tina’s place for some more planning and sheep-watching before we headed to Manila.

Traffic was terrible! It took us three and a half hours to get home. Moby was neutralized with the car music, which was a strage mix of Parokya ni Edgar, Hotdogs, Referendum, Fat Boy Slim, Bosa Nova and Jim Chappel.

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