No matter how gasgas this is, I’m still going to say it – Thank God It’s Friday! I am looking forward to the weekend already so I could take a break from this hell of a week to re-create and brace myself for next week’s work marathon.

Charo and I had lunch at Teriyaki Boy today with Butch, Mira and Noel. Charo ordered her usual asupara tepanyaki (asparagus cooked in tepanyaki sauce) and gyu saikuro don (a bowl of rice topped with sliced beef in light soy sauce), while I got myself a bowl of shake don (a bowl of rice topped with salmon cooked in teriyako sauce) and six pieces of california maki. Yum yum.

I think I can go to Velo City in Cartimar tomorrow to have Hermie fix my fork so I can finally join Leeds and his posse in their Antipolo gig. After five years, I think my good old Marzocchi Z.2 Bam is retiring. The problem is I can’t afford to shell out P16,000 for a new fork now with all the preparations for the big day next year. Anyway, I hope I can have that fixed by lunchtime because I have to attend two parties tomorrow – Tala’s Baptism in Loyola Heights and Tiger’s Birthday party in Ayala Heights.

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