Today is chores day. I’m finally finished applying the fabric protector to Chai’s upholstery after putting it off for four months. I don’t know if I’m right, but I remember buying these cans of fabric cleaner and fabric protector during our short coverage in the First Philippine Nine-Ball Open in Robinson’s Galleria.

After lunch, I’m planning to drop by a supermarket (probably Shoppersville or Sta. Lucia) for my bathroom stuff.

My appointment to Dr. Cruz didn’t push through yesterday. What’s really sucky is that the secretary called up Charo‘s house Thursday to cancel it. But because it was the maid who answered the phone, it’s in one ear and out the other. Definitely no Pentiums inside. Bummer. I had to wake up at 9:00 in the morning on a Saturday for nothing.

Well, at least the trip to my sister’s designer for Charo’s measurement was cool. Her name’s Rosalyn Lagdameo, a caucasian who’s married to a Filipino, and she’s been in this country since 1965. She did the gown for Kristine’s friend, Chinky, and now she’s doing my sister’s gown as well. She charges quite reasonably, she’s easy to talk to, and adjusts to whatever her clients requests. Come July, if the quality of her work is great, then I think we may have a candidate for my fiancee’s wedding gown.

Her house is located in an alley near Shaw boulevard at the side of the Shell station near Nueve de Pebrero. It’s an antique built sometime in the early 1900’s. Inside, it’s primarily deep wood, which is very rich and quite relaxing to the eyes.

Some notable items that caught my attention were her collection of Ifugao costumes encased in glass and wood near the front door, a 3-foot tall bronze statue of Buddha in her living room, a pet turtle with an extraordinarily long neck kept in an aquarium in her office, and of course her daughter’s cute little mini-schnauzer whom everybody adored. Charo instantly fell in love with him that she wants one as a wedding present!

Ali Mall was our next stop. We dropped by Kitchenworks at the second level to pick up our order of carrot cake from Cake World, their sister company. Now I’m not really hot on cakes ever since I was a kid (just the odor of icing makes my stomach turn), but this one I like. That’s good considering that they’re the ones making our wedding cake next year.

We spent the rest of the day watching the DVD’s we bought from Ate Nora, our suki, from Riverbanks. We watched Love Actually and Cheaper by the Dozen.


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