I am not a virgin, anymore. In getting a DTI promo permit, that is. Should I be proud with that accomplishment? I guess I should. I have to figure that one out and get back to you.

For my whole stay, I was telling myself I won’t go through all that hassle for a promo permit. My stint with the DOH-BFAD permit is good enough. I can stick with that and live my life happily ever after. With all the horror stories in securing a promo number at this establishment, I always try to weasel myself out of it.

Well, this ended today. Because of my new projects, I have no choice but to wake up at 5:00 in the morning and drive my way to Makati to apply for a download promo.

It wasn’t that bad. The person who reviewed my mechanics was quite reasonable and friendly, I even gave him a lift going back to the office for his noontime draw! I have some minor revisions to do. That’s it, so far.

Here are the notable things in my adventure this morning:

1. This Mrs. Perez character is definitely a must-see! Imagine a tall lady nearing her golden years sporting a pair of rose-colored glasses, a tight white shirt, purple mini-skirt and a red jacket! Whoa! We should really invite her to one of our office gatherings. I’ll try to take a picture of her and post it here.

2. There isn’t work of any form before 8:00 in the morning. There’s this girl who went back to sleep on her desk right after she got her timecard stamped. Even the lights aren’t turned on.

I’m finished with the rite of passage. I can now say I’m a full-pledged producer.

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