I miss blogging. Haven’t blogged in days because of my workload, but I’m not complaining. All these meetings, grid making and running around is actually quite healthy for me. Call me a masochist but I think I’m enjoying it. All those hectic production work in college paid off. And for some weird reason I thank God I don’t go to the office to watch TV and surf.

So what’s up with me and Charo?

Well, we finally found a reception place we love. Yes, it is still in Rockwell, but we’re veering away from the tennis courts to a cozier, air-conditioned, and way cheaper venue — The Loft. Now that we found it, all we have to do is book it for our wedding next year. Cool!

We also managed to book four major wedding suppliers yesterday in the Wedding Expo at the NBC Tent in The Fort. Photography’s going to be handled by master lensman Dino Lara, while the video will be handled by the FHM man himself, Jason Magbanua. Petal Patch will be in charge of the church and entourage flowers, and lastly, Mrs. Versoza and her army of chefs and waiters at Josiah’s Catering will make sure that this is nothing short of a feast.

What’s cool in the Expo is you actually get to meet quite a number of your batchmates who’re also tying the knot! Remember that we saw Maan Ferrer in the Westin Bridal Fair? Well, add to the list my blockmates Lem de la Cruz, Benjie Samson and Patricia Gonzales (who goes by the name of “Peach” now)! It’s like Friendster Live!

There’s also a mini-eyeball at the Weddings@Work booth, where I met another pair of lovebirds from ABS-CBN. Of course, John and Benz were there to help out those in need. They’re like sheperding lost “lovelambs” who’re awestruck by the sheer magnitude of the industry.

We also did our share of spreading the good word by helping out Charo’s Mom’s friend, who’s putting up a wedding for her daughter and her future son-in-law who’re both in the States. We gave her some tips we learned from W@W. Well wouldn’t you know, we saw her closing a deal with Jason before she transferred to Dino’s booth! Heart warming, isn’t it?

So that was our weekend. Cool huh?

Pinoy Piper Rocks!


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