It’s 8:12 in the morning. I should actually be preparing to go to work today, but here I am logged in the internet at home with a blog attack. I actually don’t have anything to write about, so here goes my blabber.

The Szechuan sauce is still in my bloodstream.

Moby and I stuffed ourselves last night with mongolian barbecue at Sweet Inspirations in Katipunan. We both had two servings each. Again, it’s another spur of the moment kind of thing. I was in the office late and so was he, one thing led to another, and before we know it, we were on our way to our favorite mongolian place.

Moby was considering of having these guys cater their wedding, so we asked for their prices — P300 per head for a minimum of 30 persons, P280 per head for a minimum of 50 persons, and P270 per head for a minimum of 100 persons. That comes with pastries and drinks for everyone. Hmmm. Not bad at all. So if I let them cater our wedding and we plan to have 250 guests, that would only be P67,500! Now that’s cheap! Hey Cha! What do you think?

Also on mongolian barbecue, maybe should really consider opening a restaurant that only offers that. Aside from having the usual all-you-can-eat buffet, we can have a single-serve regular bowl (limited meats) price for small eaters and a single-serve hungry Mongolian bowl (unlimited meats) price for big eaters. We can name the shop The Great Bowl of Mongolia. Hehehehehe!

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