If in my previous entry I implied that I’m going to have a sucky day today, I take it back. So I didn’t get to be Macguyver for a day. Tough luck! Maybe I’ll play the role next time. We move on with life. That’s how it goes, right?

Anyway, to put it in a nutshell, today was a blast. It was really a pleasant surprise, and I’m sure Charo enjoyed it, too!

I start the story from where I ended my previous entry.

(This is funny. I feel like I’m doing a Lestat here. What’s crazy is I’m not even a writer. Well, based from the stardards of others, so was Lestat.)

So like a soldier losing a battle, I quietly returned all the stuff I pulled out in my attempt to replace Chai’s busted foglamp bulb and went up to take a shower.

I picked up Cha from her storytelling workshop at Learning Links in Katipunan and drove to Greenhills for her Weddings at Work (W@W) AVP shoot with the great Jason Magbanua. All the while she was munching on singkamas and telling me about the activities they did in the workshop.

It was cool. It reminded me of the numbers dialogue exercise during the basic acting workshops I attended during my TA days. The activity was to go on stage with your partner and make a story using numbers only as your dialogue.

Come to think of it, I should have included this exercise when I conducted my team building seminar in Tanauan. Probably I’d get a chance next lifetime.

Back to the story.

Call time was at one in the afternoon and we got there at something like a few minutes before twelve. With charo being on day three of her cabbage soup diet, we headed to North Park thinking they have a good selection of veggies on their menu.

Lo and behold, when we got there, all they had was brocolli. No krispy kangkong. No cauliflower. So she ended up getting spring rolls while I helped myself with a serving of sweet and sour fish fillet and a cup of rice. Not bad. We even had mango tapioca for dessert. Now doesn’t this make your mouth water?

Back to the shoot we go, and it was in Jo Avila’s place in Annapolis.

Jo Avila used to be a biking buddy when I was in high school in the Ateneo, so it’s sad when I found out that he sold his GT hardtail years ago and hasn’t biked ever since.

I got to meet a handful of people from Weddings @ Work. I got to meet the founders of the site, John and Benz. I also met with another W@Wie, whose name I forgot, and this pinoy bagpiper guy. Of course, Jo and Jason was there, too.

For the AVP, the original plan was to only shoot Charo. But since I tagged along to be her celebrity yaya, it wasn’t hard for them to make me join the shoot as well. Hell, if I could dance the bulaklak with John Lapus and Viva Hotbabe, Ella V. on cable television, this is just a walk in the park!

Basically, the whole thing was an interview about how the egroup and the website helped us with our wedding preps. It was ,i>aliw! If you want to see the whole thing, you better drop by W@W’s 5th anniversary celebration this March at the Fernwood Gardens because, unless you’ve got real connection with Jason (Naks! feeling close!), I doubt this will come out in VCD’s and give the La Salle Scandal a run for its money.

After the shoot, we were so lazy to go to the bridal fair at Sanctuario in Makati that we drove to Cha’s house instead and took a nap on their couch in the sala.

I don’t know if I was snoring, but who cares anyway? As long as it doesn’t bother me and I’m fast asleep, I’m OK with that.

After hearing mass at De La Strada (where we saw Miriam Santiago sporting a neckbrace) and having dinner in Cha’s house, we ended the day with a really nice movie at Eastwood. We watched Something’s Gotta Give starring Dianne Keaton and Jack Nicholson. It was great. A really nice movie to end a really nice day.

Note to Eastwood movie goers: after getting tickets, try out the snacks in the Tizers booth. They have good fish and chips and their moo fries are really great!

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