The day before we go back to ashes

It’s Ash Wednesday tomorrow. They’re also celebrating the anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution tomorrow. Finally, tomorrow’s a non-working holiday.

The weather’s really weird. Yesterday it was dark and raining. This morning it seems the sun’s up. Now add that potent concoction and if you’re unlucky, chances are you’ll be celebrating the holiday sick in bed! Hehehehe! There goes your Wednesday!

Can I just rant a bit?

I don’t trust her, and when she’s there, she’s not a producer but a mere talent coordinator. There won’t be any turn over happening tonight. I’m too praning to give the responsibilities to someone who doesn’t even plan on getting a production assistant for her show. Hence, as much as I’d love to, I won’t be able to join Leeds in their biking spree tomorrow. And so like Gina, I, too, am cursed. Great.

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