It’s almost 11:00 pm and I’m here in the office waiting for midnight for the pilot episode of our interactive show. Basically everything is ready after an afternoon of bugging and begging with the people from the mother company. I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping nothing fucks up.

I think I’ll be home at around two in the morning. After the show ends at one, I have to make sure that all the equipment are returned properly to the custodian. And since Chai is not allowed on the road before 10:00 am tomorrow, I’m planning to sleep a little longer and leave the house a bit later than usual.

Word is they’ll be suspending some people in the office for being late. I find that OK. Quite reasonable, in fact. I’m hoping that they just do this fairly. Also, if they’re going to punish those who are tardy, maybe they should also do some action to those who almost always have four-day work weeks. What do you think? This is just me blabbering.

I also need your comment on this. I raised this issue this afternoon with our HR officer. If a person is late, he or she gets a deduction from his pay depending on the amount of time. Fair right? If he or she carries on being tardy despite the deductions, this person may be punished with suspension without pay nor benefits based on the company’s policy. My question is if he or she is punished already by being suspended and not get any pay, should this person still get deductions from his pay for being tardy? So in a way he or she gets punished twice – one, being deducted for the actual tardiness, and two, being suspended and not getting any pay for the days it was served?

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