It’s (still) Alive! Thank God!

The picture of the phone that you see here on left is the Ericsson R310. It’s my old phone. I placed it in retirement last year after I bought my Sony-Ericsson T610. And like Michael Jordan, it’s back in use.

Why? Because the fucking Nokia 6600 that was promised to be avaialble to us didn’t materialize and the seller can’t even commit on a specific delivery date! That’s fucking why!

That was supposed to be Charo‘s new phone. Her old one’s on its death bed. So when the seller told us it’s available, Cha placed her old phone in the market for only P8,000. Come the day that we’re supposed to pick up the new one, it’s not yet there, the seller said. The excuse, of course, was traffic. Hahahaha! How can I be so stupid? Definitely traffic is a factor when you buy phones! The following day, the excuse was a defective unit. The seller said ayaw niyang mapahiya sa akin. Ah OK.

Today I didn’t bother asking anymore. I don’t want to hear any more lame excuses. The point is actually very simple – he didn’t deliver. Period. End of story.

I told Charo to use our savings and get a unit someplace else. And that’s what she’s going to do. After she meets up with the guy who’s buying her old phone and gets the payment, she’ll get a new unit from a more dependable source.

Moral of the story: Never piss off your customers or they’ll take their business someplace else.

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