I don’t know about you, but this guy has a striking resemblance to American Idol Judge, Randy Jackson. Whatchathink? I took this picture a few minutes ago when I accompanied Gerry and Dan to the Mini-Stop at the ground floor of the 9501.

Talking about the show, I missed it last night. I slept at 11:00 PM (which is early for me) for the 9:00 AM meeting today. Wish I can catch within the week. If you guys know the replay schedule for Star TV, tell me please.

On another note, it took me 25 minutes to get out of the parking area last night. I posted an MMS picture in my phlog but it didn’t get published. The line was so long that I think it reached up to the second basement level. The parking management should seriously consider hiring more attendants, at least for the peak hours, to collect the parking stubs and payment. Another option would be turning the one-way entrance for vehicles into a two-way entrance and exit on designated hours.

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