I woke up a little before seven in the morning. I’m excited, obviously. I really don’t know what will happen later when both parties meet. What if they hate each other’s guts from the very start? What if they find out they were enemies decades ago? Or worse, what if they discovered that they’re long lost relatives and Charo is actually my cousin?! No no! Make that my lola or my tita, even! Oh my God! That would be so Joyce de Jesus! Hehehehe!

I really hate this public announcement speakers they’ve installed in almost every corner of this city. Instead of opting for a roving barangay patrol with loud speakers announcing the activities and the other what-have-you’s of the barangay, they chose to disturb your much-treasured weekend sleep for their “important” announcement. Boses pekpek pa iyong nagsasalita! Anak ng teteng! Yesterday it was a reminder of the free tigdas shots in the barangay hall for kids seven years old and below. This morning it’s about a lost kid whose name is Paolo. I’d consider packing up and transferring when they start playing candidates’ jingles for the coming elections.

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