Good morning! It’s a Thursday.

So did I take the challenge and rode the jeep to Charo’s place? No. Not that I chickened out. I was just tired and taking the cab was an option too “luxurious” to refuse.

It seems like everyone’s excited with Sunday’s pamamanhikan. They’ve started clearing and cleaning up the garden in the Limaco residence, my dad is going to get his hair dyed black today and the manicurista is dropping by the house on Saturday to make sure everyone’s nails are presentable.

I wish they’d bring Zagu along. After all, he’s part of the family.

I need some help here. My brother is asking if he could bring his girlfriend along. I think it’s OK lang, but first, she’s not a member of the family yet, and lastly, she would know what would happen to her pamamanhikan if ever that pushes through. What do you guys think?

Also on the wedding preps, I filed my leave form today for next Thursday’s supplier meeting marathon. I hope it gets approved.

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