Victim: Lord of the Rings

I was laughing so hard my tummy hurt when I read this post from

At National Bookstore while paying for my stuff:

Cashier: “Bakit ba kailangan dalhin ni Sam si Frodo dun sa bulkan?”

Bagger-lady: “Kasi sinabihan na sila ni Gandalf na hinahanap na nung demonyo yung singsing. Kailangan na kasi niya.”

Talking about Return of the King, we were pantry talking about it when we were having lunch. Below is the list of topics of our conversation:

1. Wouldn’t it be a blast if you have twins and name them Sauron and Saruman? Imagine the horror of their first grade teacher when she reads their names!

2. What if instead of an all-seeing eye, Sauron would have a non-stop mouth perched on that tower of his?

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