Mukhang may pangakong taglay ang 2004 para kay Morny. With the looks of things it seems my friend has been bitten by the lovebug. He’s now going out very often with his long-time friend and TD-mate, Jane. We went out with the couple last Saturday along with Olive and Alexis in Congo Grill in El Pueblo, and it seems they can’t get enough of each other. Now last night, after rehearsal, the two went out to have dinner in Tapika.

And talking about love, Olive is also getting into the act, texting his La Sallian boylet every five minutes or so. She doesn’t know how the guy feels about her, but she hopes it’s more than just the kilig factor.

Hmmm. Mukhang tama si Prince. Tunay ngang may kislap ng salamangka sa kanilang mata (There’s a spark of magic in your eyes).

Today’s our first day in the office for this year, and I can sense that everyone still has the two-week vacation hangover. I played two rounds of foosball with Moby, and I lost twice. Darn. I should’ve placed it in my MBO for this year – practice foosball skills.

I’ll be leaving the office in a few minutes. I’d be going to Cha’s place for dinner. I wish I brought clothes for walking/jogging.

Jojo will be leaving for the States again tomorrow at 3:00 AM. I don’t know what happened. We were supposed to have a despedida cum birthday celebration with him and Morny. I guess we’ll just have to hold the celebration next year – probably a wedding cum despedida party.

Talking about parties, I have a feeling Morny will have a girlfriend on his birthday, January 8. If ever, it’ll be cool to have her as Morny’s significant other. I can just imagine his line: “Me Morny. You Jane.”

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