As I start my first blog entry for this year, I’m thinking of changing my blog’s name. I am not an OJT Killer anymore. I don’t have OJT’s anymore and, heck, I’m not planning on getting some for the summer break, which is their peak season. But if I were to retire my current blog’s name, what should I change it to? If you have suggestions, let me know.

Goodbye 2003! Hello 2004! Hope everyone here still has a complete set of fingers.

For the first time I was invited to attend Charo‘s family reunion at New Manila. It was really very flattering. After spending the lazy afternoon in their sala napping, I left for my house because she had to prepare for it. When I was at the stoplight near my house I got a call from her. She said her mom went up to her room. All the while her mom thought that I was going with them. I turned around and went back to La Vista to pick her up. Awwww.

Last night’s gimmick was a continuation of our videoke marathon, which lasted till three in the morning. This time the venue was in Music 21 in Makati. The same old people were there minus Gen, who’s celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday today. It was mush from the start with Kookie and Alexis taking turns at the mushiest songs imaginable. I wish Rumel and Morny were with us.

Slowly, I’m feeling the dread of Mondays again. It’s Friday today but it feels so much like a Saturday.

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