And what a year it was.

I guess this will be my last entry for 2003. I really don’t know what to write about, but I have one thing definite in my mind – I don’t want to end this blog with a Legolas entry.

The Christmas festivities took its toll on me as I was rushed to the emergency room of St. Luke’s because at two o’ clock in morning of the 26th for my high blood pressure. Honestly, it didn’t feel a thing. I wasn’t dizzy at all. Maybe I just panicked when I saw 172/100 on the digital monitor. They made me stay till seven in the morning after resting and taking Catapres. If there’s one good thing from this incident, at least I didn’t pay for anything. Surprisingly, my company’s health card paid off.

So now it’s back to exercise and diet again.

Cheez whiz is back in action. I installed her old dilapidated knobby tires and we had several runs at the “trails” at the back of the Ateneo high school.

It’s great to be riding again. I was so nostalgic that I even enjoyed changing a flat tire I got from my last run.

Today’s the 30th. I should get ready in a while for day three of our film fest marathon. We’ve already seen Crying Ladies and Filipinas. I think today’s movie is Mano Po 2: Our Home. I’m expecting the worst.

If you’re planning on just watching one, then line up for Crying Ladies.


May pangako ngang taglay ang 2003 para sa akin.

O ha!

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