It’s the 23rd.

We brought Zagu to the vet this morning for his deworming shot. It was fun being stuck in the car with him. What sucks is you really have to vacuum your car afterwards. He sheds a lot of hair. Looking at the backseat of Carlo’s Bettina reminds me of the dilapidated couch in Loyola — it’s the horrific green couch which Zagu “tasted” when he was young.

With my sister down with tummy problems again, I’m tasked to handle the food for the noche buena tomorrow night. I’m thinking of ordering garlic fish fillet from Hap Chan, roasted duck from Shangri-La, pork and squid barbecue from Grill Queen, and paella probably from Minggoy’s. I’m having second thoughts in getting a quarter of lechon de leche from Kamayan now with everyone at the edge of their normal cholesterol levels.

Talking about Christmas preparation, there’s a Christmas Mass at the Church of the Gesu at the Ateneo tomorrow night at ten o’ clock in the evening. If you want to be seated, be there by nine.

It’s 12:41 in the afternoon. I have to get ready to drive to Morato for my haircut.

Have a great Christmas, everyone!

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