It was magical

Hehehehe. Too showbiz, but I couldn’t resist it. And as Morny said, “taga-ABS naman kayo eh!”

Well, I’ll let her tell you her side of the story, but I think Candice has packaged it in her quotable quote, “sa teleserye lang nangyayari ito!”

Yes, for those of you who weren’t there, something happened on the night of the 12th. That’s right, Charo and I are engaged. Read that line again – Charo and I are engaged! So if you happen to receive the invitation for a surprise party for me on the 12th, then guess what? I knew it all along! I was just riding along so I’d get perfect timing for me to make the proposal. So the person who threw the surprise party is the one who got the surprise of her life!

I think Dan managed to steal some shots of the proposal. I know Mira has some in her phone. If ever, I’ll have them posted here so all of you could relive the moment. If there’s one thing we regret, it’s not being able to film the whole event. Well, I told Cha that we’re more than willing to reenact the whole thing, but this time it would be Gardo playing the role as Jovan.

To my friends, Joseph and Morny, thank you very much for making this happen. I wish Rumel, Joyce and Jojo were here so they could’ve gotten into the great conspiracy as well. But don’t worry. I’m sure the boys will have a second chance with planning for Joyce’s proposal, but that is IF he’ll let us.

To those who were there but left early, sayang. I really wanted to tell you wait but then it might jeopardize the surprise.

To those who greeted me a happy birthday, thank you. Try greeting me again on the 18th when I turn 27.

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