Chasing their Stars

I was saddened by the news that Roberto Heras, Lance Armstong‘s lieutenant, will be leaving the US Postal-Berry Floor team to lead the new Manolo Saiz’ Liberty Seguros team. With this, I am sure the five-time Tour de France winner will have a harder time getting his sixth.

On second thought, it is a good move for the good old Roberto. He has proven thrice that he can ride what is probably the greatest bike race on the planet. Now, at the peak of his career, it’s high-time for him to lead his own big team, with teammates picked expecially to help him win.

It’s good to dream of what you want to be. But it takes a lot of balls to make it happen.

Chasing one’s stars. Reaching for one’s dreams. Now that’s something.

To Roberto and to everyone who left to pursue their dreams, here’s to you!

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