Monday Babble

Monday is almost over.

I still have a stiff neck. Must be because of my sleeping position last night. It’s that or maybe it’s how I handled Cha’s TV while I was bringing it up to her room.

I don’t think it has anything to do with hypertension. I checked my blood pressure this morning and it was pretty normal – 146/92. I know. That’s not what a normal reading, but it is still OK for me. Probably brought about also by the short hours of sleep I get nowadays. Maybe I should rethink the waking up at 7:30 in the morning thing.


OK ok. Bridgetines. Bridgetarians is what Ron Capinding called the people who studied in Saint Bridget’s.

Anyway, back to the story.

You wouldn’t believe who I met yesterday while I was in Podium – Anna Marie Soriano, my old crush from way back in my grade school days in Batangas! I was too torpe then so nothing happened, which is good because she really looks so old now. It must be a blessing in the sky! Hehehehehe!

She doesn’t work in IBC 13 anymore. Married to a military man, she’s a mother of two and now works for the Department of National Defense.

In the short span of time we chatted, I updated myself to some of the stuff that happened to our grade school batchmates.

I know that Karlo Garcia is married to Che. What I don’t know is that he’s now a proud father of two. Also on the grade-school-friend-getting-married list is my long lost buddy, Chester Elepaño, who apparently got married but broke it off soon afterwards.

I don’t know how the others are now. Did David James Javier do well after being the valedictorian in the high school? What happened to Marlon Marquez, our old grade school valedictorian? Where the heck is Aries Amorado?

We should’ve had a grade school reunion.

It’s the damn Friendster’s fault that I began thinking about this.

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