I have to admit we’re in a slump these past few months. We just do what is required, more or less. Although our output might be more than what others deliver, there’s really no will to excel.

You can’t blame us. Our traffic was at its peak and we were getting ready for the next steps until Agimat and the disconnection gave us a one-two punch. It was such a big blow that we had to face the inevitable and let go the people whom we owe our success to.

It’s so bad that I honestly don’t want to fill out the recent performance appraisal form. I am in no mood to write fiction. What am I supposed to write as my achievements for the first part of this year? That we discovered agimat and thought of ways of taking it out? That I successfully cut down channel costs, which is a good euphemism for retrenchment? That I was the team’s OIC for three weeks? I don’t think so.

But something came up today – something we’ve been dreaming about for a long time. We’re given the go signal to transfer our playback facilities here! Now, with just a trusty camera and a decent microphone, we can air our shows live any time! No more TFPO’s! No more microwave to worry about! Not only would it cut down costs, it would also make us a lot more flexible and creative!

This may be the answer we’re looking for. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. We can’t wait for this to happen.

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