In about 45 minutes Thursday will be over. I can’t wait. Todays’ a sucky day. The show didn’t go as smoothly as we wanted it to be with all the technical glitches. And to think that we have a sponsor already. Good thing I sent the TVC’s to Namayan or we’re dead.

I don’t know what’s freaking wrong with the fucking network. About an hour before the show, everything is just the way we like it – the polls load in a snap and the chat scroll works relatively ok. But come thirty minutes before airtime the problems come in. Out of the blue, the polls don’t load anymore and the chat is at a stand still.

These things happen. Always. All the time. It’s as if we’re doing Macbeth that the show’s that cursed or somebody’s hacking into our network just to discredit us and bring us down. As to why would anyone do it is beyond my comprehension. They’ve already stopped us from being shown in Home cable. We’re in some channel way up nobody knows where. Now this.

Hope the sucky day won’t turn into a sucky week.

See you tomorrow.

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