I thought I could take a week-long leave with my boss back from his three-week hiatus in Spain. but I think have to do a rain check on that one with all the stuff we’re coming up with. I’d probably get a one or two-day break just to get my act back together for the big push for these projects before I take a full break. Being an OIC for three weeks took its toll on me with all the non-stop action from day one.

A number of congratulations is in order. First, to my friend, Rumel, for he has proved to us that he is truly boyfriend material. Second, to Lance Armstrong, for bagging the title in the centennial edition of the Tour de France and joining the greats with five consecutive wins. Third, to Tyler Hamilton, for placing an impressive fourth overall in this year’s Tour despite a broken collarbone. Lastly, to Vina, for making us believe in miracles (well… at least making us believe that snuffy is real). Hope that baby’s got its nose from the father. (Sorry, I can’t resist that one).

Well, no more Nokia 3650 for me. That phone has all the features you’d want but it flunked big time on the basic stuff – texting. I think it was April fools when the Nokia engineers designed this phone. Anyway, Cha’s friend is buying it from me tomorrow. Now I can get the Sony-Ericsson T610.

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