The Coaxial Cable is my Friend

Yebah! I can now watch the Tour de France! I hooked up an illegal connection from my Dad’s cable connection in his room at the end of the hall, thanks to my trusty old splitter and cables. Now not only can I monitor my channel at home, I can see Lance go for his 5th consecutive Tour championship!

Catch the 30-minute highlight of the 100th edition of the Tour de France on ESPN. Below is the broadcast schedule until Stage 7. The prologue airs on July 6, 2003, at 12:30 PM.

6 July 2003 12:30 Prologue(S)

7 July 2003 12:00 Stage #1(S)

7 July 2003 18:30 Stage #1(R)

8 July 2003 12:00 Stage #2(S)

8 July 2003 18:30 Stage #2(R)

9 July 2003 12:00 Stage #3(S)

9 July 2003 18:30 Stage #3(R)

10 July 2003 12:00 Stage #4(S)

10 July 2003 18:30 Stage #4(R)

11 July 2003 12:00 Stage #5(S)

11 July 2003 18:30 Stage #5(R)

12 July 2003 12:30 Stage #6(S)

13 July 2003 13:30 Stage #7(S)

(s) Same Day Delay ; (R) Repeat

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