Valley Blues

What do you call a person from Marikina?

a. Marikinians

b. Marikineans

c. Marikiniacs

d. Marikinites

e. Marikinates

f. Marikinettes

I think I pulled my right leg muscle from lifting and dragging a big bucket of water from my brother’s bathroom to mine upstairs. I was hoping I’d be using the hot shower today but apparently the water pressure wasn’t enough to reach the second floor. We really have to tell the owner to reinstall the water tank.

I hate the traffic. This morning the drive to La Vista took more than 30 minutes. The travel time would be cut by half if I rode the bike instead.

I am also worried about number coding. With no taxis in the area, I have no idea how I can go to the office on Wednesday without being on the road at 6 AM. Well, when all else fails, I’m open to walking all the way to Aurora.

As much as possible I don’t want to give additional pressure to anyone in the house. I just have to bring system to this sucky situation.

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