Top 10 signs they’re forcing you to have a healthy office environment

(Answer to Caramba‘s post)

10. They’re replacing the office bar’s draft beer dispenser with a light beer dispenser.

9. Instead of serving coffee during meetings, they’re giving out Biguerlai slimming tea.

8. Three words: Monday Night Jogs

7. Heaviest employee of the month gets a Belo Medical Group Gift Cheque.

6. The microwave in the office pantry has a built-in calorie counter.

5. People who have cars have this bumper sticker: Lose Weight Now. Ask Me How.

4. Each department gets a weighing scale

3. There’s a memo reminding everyone to keep it down while using the treadmill during office hours.

2. Employee with the biggest weight loss in a year does not get to date Manny Pangilinan. Ever.

1. Your body weight is part of your yearly targets.

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