I’m taking the day off today from work and the reason I placed in the leave form is “personal chores” (also known as getting my driver’s licence and having Chai tested for smoke emission).

If I were in Batangas it wouldn’t be so much of a bother. I’d just tell my mom’s driver to take care of this. But that’s just not the case anymore so I have to experience first-hand the wonderful world of government offices. God help me.

The question that I have in mind right now is why do we renew our vehicle registration every year when we only renew our driver’s license every three years? To make the process lighter for the government office renowned for its “efficiency”, shouldn’t the Land Transportation Office also adapt a once-every-three-years vehicle registration?

Oh! I forgot to factor in the red tape and corruption. If registration would be done every three years, how would fixers, stencilers, and emission testers earn a living?


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