On SARS scare, Jan Ulrich, Quizzila, and Dranreb Belleza

First it was her, now I, too, have sore throat. What’s next – colds and then fever? I’m sorry. I can’t help but feel praning. I guess just about everyone in this country is on their toes with this whole SARS thing.

Now here’s another story totally not related to the SARS thing.

There’s a possibility that Jan Ullrich, 1997 Tour de France champion and Lance Armstrong‘s biggest rival, might not have a chance to stop the American’s bid for a fifth Tour de France title. UCI, the cycling governing body, suspended his team from joining any professional bicycle races until they’ve settled all the unpaid wages of their cyclists. Without him, Lance’s bid for his 5th Tour de France title is more or less guaranteed. As I see it, only his former USPS teammate Tyler Hamilton, now with CSC-Tiscali, can challenge him, winning back-to-back the Liege-Bastogne-Liege and the Tour of Romandie.

“You’ve been blogging since 2000 and you haven’t taken quizzes?!” That was what Charo said. She just couldn’t believe that I’m not aware of Quizilla, the website full of quizzes ranging from serious to just plain wacky. So what I did today while waiting for the DTI person was I logged in to the site. Now I’m hooked. It is has almost every stupid quiz that you can think of, and you can put it in your blog! What’s cool is you can even make your own quiz! O ha!

Talking about Charo, her friend, Shirley, said I look like Jayvee Gayoso. Moby, my officemate, say I look like Dranreb Belleza. My friends say I look like Saddam. My lola said I look like an anak ng Italyano. Ano ba talaga?

Anyway, it’s a Friday today, thank God! Now I have the whole weekend to relax and spend some quality time with my honey.

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