It’s a lazy day in the office. Everyone’s already in their vacation modes.

I actually have no idea what to write. I just felt like updating my blog. I don’t want it to end with just the schedule of the Holy Week Triduum Mass. That’s all.

Fiesta is doing her countdown. In a few days she’ll be leaving the company and pursue her lifelong dream of teaching kids. Good for her. She’s not afraid to try things out. At least when she’s in her 70’s, she wouldn’t be wondering what would’ve happened if she pursued teaching rather than a research analyst.

Honestly, I hate to see her go. Real people are hard to find these days. In a desperate effort to make her stay, I even offered to make her a sandwich everyday if she promised to stay. I guess the sandwiches weren’t that exceptional.

I wish her luck. Working in the academe for two years, I know for a fact that salaries of teachers are quite small compared to what people get from the corporate world.

I’m sorry, but I have to leave this entry hanging. I don’t know how to end it.

Have a happy Holy Week everyone!

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