Little Happy Things

Is this happiness thing our theme this month?!

It might really be hard to look for something that would make you truly happy. Things like world peace, Saddam’s head on a platter, true love, or an extremely sexy and rich but intelligent girlfriend don’t just fall down from the sky. But there are little things that could make one happy as well. Maybe you can call this stepping stones towards true happiness.

I’ve made a list for myself. If you’ve got something to share, then feel free to post it, too!

1. Scramble. This is not the board game. This street food similar to halo-halo and snowcones is pinkish mixture of shaved ice and some secret ingredient served on a cup and topped with powdered milk and drops of chocolate syrup. The last time I tried this was after a long bike ride to Ibaan, Batangas via Dagatan.

2. A Big Fat Juicy Burger. Just imagine a Brother’s Burger Pounder loaded with onions, cheese, mushrooms and bacon with fries on the side and lots of catsup and mayo. Now that is yummy. Maybe this has got something to do with the karne thing.

3. Baguio to La Union Downhill. That’s 50 kilometers of fun and adrenaline. I heard this from the people at the Philippine Cycling Network. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m starting to think of planning a Baguio trip with Ate V this summer.

4. 190 Kilometers per Hour (with my balls intact). With her new air intake system, Chai reached a maximum of 165 kilometers per hour at the Sothern Luzon Access Road in yesterday’s drive to Batangas without breaking a sweat. And that was with three people in the car, a tank full of gas, and a strong headwind. Her maximum before was around 170 with just the plain stock set-up. With the right combination, I think it’s doable.

5. Smallville Season Two. I’ve seen the first season on DivX and now I can’t wait to get a copy of the second season.

6. Free sex. I guess that’s self-explanatory. But then I think I’ve got to get myself a wife or a girlfriend to make this a regular gig. But with that it will be more of a question on something broader like true love and true happiness. Fuck it!

That’s the list for today. I’m sure there are more, but we’ll get there in time.

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