Organizational Assembly for Losers

Happy Hearts Day, everyone!

Again if you’ve got nothing planned for tonight, you’re invited to join us in the office for some drinking and kwentuhan sessions. Just bring something na lang, like those cheesy CD’s that you’re secretly listening to.

p.s. If G.A. stands for General Assembly, then Organizational Assembly can stand for OrgAsm. Cool. Just my repressed mind thinking.

Lesson 214

There are two bosses and each one has a newbie under his wing. They gave these greenhorns a project to work on to hone their skills. Unfortunately, the project didn’t go as smoothly as planned. It fucked up, so to speak.

The first boss washed his hands and claims that he has nothing to do with it because it is not his project. On the other hand, the second boss took full responsibility for the actions of his subordinate.

Command Responsibilty. This is our lesson for today.

Watch out for more lessons only here in this blog!

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