Surprisingly the drive last night up to Tagaytay was OK. The traffic was light and there were relatively less vehicles on the road. Coming down from C5 to the South Superhighway, I was expecting the usual gridlock. But this time everything’s a go. Maybe there is something magical about Thursdays or maybe it was because she was there with me.

The gimmick was a spur of the moment kind of thing. We didn’t plan it. We were thinking about Tagaytay the other night, but we never knew that it was going to be last night. We just came from SM Megamall after joining Vanessa and Jenny for some shopping and videoke. We were supposed to have dinner at Dannylicious, but it was just 8:30 in the evening and we didn’t have any plans anyway.

Diner’s, my favorite bulalo place, was already closed for the night, so we opted to stay at Leslie’s instead of Dencio’s. I had three rounds of San Mig Light and she had two over steaming bulalo and grilled tuna belly. The tuna wasn’t that fresh anymore and the bulalo wasn’t exactly excellent, but that all got drowned in our conversation.

Over the cheesy music of Basia and Julia Fordham, I drove her home to Marikina.

There was something there. I’m sure she felt it, too. But I know where we should stand and I know that we both have to hold back ourselves for both our sakes..

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