Wow! The first entry for the year. Now I feel the pressure. Like a buena mano of sorts, it must be something really good or I’m doomed to mediocrity forever. Not.

The yearender went out pretty well, although I wished there were more people who attended. After Outback, we continued at Vina’s place in Xavierville. I haven’t been there for years. The house was still the same. Ate Ping was still there. But a lot of things have changed since we broke off many years ago. No, this is not going to be cheesy.

It was beer and kwento. We’re all content with that. The discussion went from the bar exams to marriage to their present boyfriends not joining them in their own gimmicks. The party ended at five o’ clock and I drove Rumel to his house in Cainta.

Some realizations at the start of the year:

1. We are now on our own for a good part of our trip. This means that we have to start depending on ourselves. This is what I told my brother and sister at the last dinner of 2002. They had an eye opener when my father texted them that he won’t be joining the dinner because of a new year’s eve party. So for the first time it was only Kristine, Ricky, Gian, Zagu and I.

2. She loves him. And even though he doesn’t treat her as much as she deserves, they’re still ok. It’s going to be really hard for her to let go. Five years is a long time to just flush down the toilet.

3. People are catching up with what we’re doing, and so as the late Father Cruz would say, it’s time to put on your afterburners.

May pangakong taglay ang 2003 para sa akin. Hindi ko pa alam kung ano ito, pero hindi na ako makapaghintay para alamin.

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