I really enjoy taking her home. I don’t know why exactly. Probably knowing that she got home in one piece is enough for me. It’s a habit of mine. And despite the things my friends tell me, it’s one thing I still can’t fully flush out of the system. I’m a spoiler.

She has a party last night in Makati. It’s just a small group of five people and she was actualy quite flattered to be invited. I remembered she told me once how frustrated she gets with these things — that as much as she would like to stay till the wee hours of the morning, she always has to worry of how she’d go back home. Makati to Marikina isn’t really a popular route of taxi drivers.

Mag-enjoy ka sa party. I-text mo na lang ako kung kailangan mo ng ride. Nandito lang naman ako sa may El Pueblo. That was what I texted her.

Maybe for a change I wanted her to enjoy herself — that just for that night she’s not the unofficial assistant of Ros, the ate of her family and the girlfriend of Raymund.

I gave her her Christmas gift when we got to her home. It’s a book I bought a National — The Joy Luck Club. It is too cliche, I know. But I enjoyed the movie and I think that’s the message I want to give her this season.

Gusto ko lang i-share.

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