Time to Celebrate

With absolutely no idea where we’re heading, we brought our equipment to SkyCable in Ortigas and hooked it up. At two o’ clock in the morning, Liza, Gerry, Joko, Karen and I were all slumped at the Benpres steps trying to figure out how to make the damn thing work. We couldn’t get through the TOC’s firewall and there was no one who could assist us because it was November 30 and it is a national holiday.

Back then the channel was called TXT 2366. It was supposed tobe named something else but they chose this one so that we could highlight the access number. The funny thing was that number got approved only a few minutes before we went on air. Can you imagine the horror of launching TXT 2366 with a 2331 access number?

We had two S-VHS video casettes to handle the programming. The first one was two hours of music videos cooked up by the generosity of Andre and his team at Myx. The last one were footages used in the infamous (and now defunct) aquarium channel with the audio coming from another PC’s MP3 player.

And before Liza even finished her countdown, I clicked the button and went on air. Twelve o’ clock is twelve o’ clock and we’re supposed to go on air on that time.

So began our adventures with the wonderful world of broadcasting.

That was a year ago.

Now Liza’s not with us anymore. Mr. Albino Man, William de Lange, was part of the people who got retrenched. Butch’s Ringtones and Logos group got sacked and we absorbed Moby. Dan left the team and became a producer for wireless under the guidance of the office’s perrenial crush ng bayan. Joko is now part of the mancom.

We’ll all be meeting each other again and we’ll be celebrating our first year anniversary. Each one has his battle scars. Each one a year wiser. Each person different from who he was a year ago. But we’ll be raising our champagne glasses for this milestone. And we’ll be celebrating the victory of this team.

Thanks everyone!

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