I am not Superman, but that doesn’t mean that I should stop trying. I’m not asking for the world. What I ask is for them to be fair and give something back. That’s all.

I’ve talked with HR and appealed for something a bit more significant than the P2,900 monthly rate they offered. Sweldong katulong was what I told HR. Our channel celebrities are getting the same rates we give to our househelp. I pointed out to them that these aren’t just people who screen messages. If we wanted a language filter, we would have probably developed an automated system. They failed to see that these are actually our community builders and company representatives. They are the ones who bring in the people. And when they face the people, they bring the company’s name.

I also asked for a better work area for them. I cannot allow those fucking EIS encoders be placed in the main working area with the regular company employees while my TXTjocks are cramped in one small space with poor aircon ventilation. Those EIS people don’t bring in money to the company; they just encode. My TXTjocks do.

I thank God for not making me a manager. At least with my current status it still allows me to see that humans are not easily replaceable. No, I am not one of them. And I will never be.

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