Barya lang po sa umaga

I managed to get SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig, but sadly I was unsuccessful in lobbying for a significant increase in TXTjock salary rate. He said that we should focus on the costs. We can always get another one when one resigns was his justification. They could always work longer hours if they wanted higher pay. So from a small take-home pay of P2300, they jacked it up to a whopping 26% increase to P2900. Putang ina.

Well, of all the teams, we’re one of the few getting positive traffic growth, and I credit this to my TXTjocks. There wouldn’t be community if there was no one to build it. So I feel it’s only fair to give them something in return. A happy worker is a good worker.

As for the costs, we wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for his big-buck productions. The return of investment of a top 20 ringtone countdown is small. I even doubt if it would break even without advertising. When would these people ever learn to conduct a project study first before launching anything? I thought they learned their lesson from BroadVision.

What’s the point I’m driving at here? Well, when he asks us to conceptualize game ideas overnight, we deliver. When everybody’s traffic is going down, we’re one of the few going up. We deliver. Now I ask him to increase the TXTjock rates and he can’t even give me this. Who should be the director now?

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