Finally, after a long time, my blog archives are working. Brace yourself and prepare to be jologs as you walk with me down memory lane. I must warn you, though. The main archive page is still to bland.

It’s 3:45 a.m. and I’m still in the office. It’s the second day for TX2 and I’m already feeling tired. I can’t balance staying up late for this and working to improve the traffic in my channel. Something will give soon, and it cannot be me. I should propose for a production assistant for this, or better, a producer for the channel itself. I hope we can iron this out by next week. I have to plan for the anniversary celebration and Chat Fever 3.

For the nth time, niluto kami sa sarili naming mantika. My boss ordered us to do a concept for a gaming channel and so we did. Now, he liked it so much that he wants me to make service grids for it. Now hold on there, partner! It’s not as easy at it seems. It’s a little bit funny how they push us into these things without thinking about manpower. Shouldn’t we have a feasibility study first? If I remember correctly, it was him who said that now that we’re doing OK, we should avoid being padalos-dalos and be the critique of our upcoming projects. Well, I guess pasok sa isang tenga at labas sa kabila.

With all the effort the people exerted to this company this year, I would really be disappointed if we didn’t get a big bonus. We already earned our first 100 million and it is only fair enough to share it with the people who made it happen.

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