In a few hours I’ll be leaving for Iloilo to set-up our channel there. I pray everything will go as smoothly as the time when we did the set-up for Cebu and Davao. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I sure hope this thing works. I really hate letting go of some of my team members. They sacrificed a lot to make this work.

I’ll be gone for a week. We had dinner tonight at Avenetto in Visayas Avenue. I picked her up at 7:30 in her place and chatted throughout the drive. She told me she hasn’t been in this place yet, so I ordered some of my favorites – fried crabsticks, nut pesto with seafood pasta, and a seafood pizza. After that we chatted for a while before I drove her home. It made me feel weird. Somehow it felt so natural. I ask myself why is it when it is actually anything but that.

I’m consciously telling myself to hit the brakes. Tell me if you know how.

I’m actually not that excited with this trip as with my previous trip to Cebu. I’m leaving a lot of work behind and I don’t know if Moby can handle it. Lately he doesn’t seem to be excited with what he’s doing. Whenever I look at his screen he’d either be chatting in mIRC with his friends on his band, checking up on the football news or just listening to music. Don’t get me wrong. He handles the moderators pretty well. But after more than two years in the company, it’s time to move on and handle more responsibility. With my absence, I hope he wakes up and matures.

One of the things I’m looking forward with this trip is the time to reflect on my personal goals — looking from where I came and seeing where I’m heading to. Today I’m living one day at a time, but it can’t go on like this forever. I need to mature, too.

I guess that’s it for now. Good luck to us.

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