Win or lose, it’s the school we choose

I don’t know about you guys, but this is getting old. So far, for fourteen years, it’s lose and lose. Where’s the win part? Blue Eagles, it’s time to show your… umm… eggs! Hehehehe!

And La Salle pushes it to game 3. Ho hum. We only watched the first half at the Moro Lorenzo Gym. I guess we got so disappointed that we went to Sta. Lucia to play billiards instead. I should’ve followed the voice in my head and stayed to bike in Batangas instead. (Hey! That rhymes! Watch out, Carlos Agassi!) In fairness, I won the game against Morny and Rumel, who are avid billiardeers!

Friday went something like a boy’s version of Sex In the City. The four of us – Morny, Rumel, Joyce and I – were at Tequila Joes eating and drinking and philosophizing on love. Here are some of the more interesting quotes from the great master of Rumelism…

“Like TV, we scan the people around us until we find the one we like.”

“Do people take on relationships because they’re infatuated with the person or are they just plain bored?”

As for the girl, we spent Saturday night on the phone talking about a lot of things – from as trivial as my parent’s roots to as philosophical as love and relationships. We ended at 4:00 a.m. Haven’t been telebabad-ing for along time, so it’s funny how i’m not used to the speaker getting warm.

Hmmm. Mukhang may pangako ngang taglay ang 2002 para sa akin.

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