Yesterday afternoon, some officer from the PNP called me up on the phone in the office. He was selling me tickets for a charity dinner. It’s for the orphans of PNP soldiers, who died in service or something like that was what he said, and it costs P5,000! When I turned him down saying that I couldn’t afford it, what he said was this, “Hindi naman po ito compulsary. Baka sakaling sa susunod eh may kailanganin naman po kayo sa amin.” Well, I’m sure glad that it wasn’t compulsary, fucking assholes.

My first day at the gym was a little bit disappointing and I can’t blame them. I told them I was hypertensive and so they checked my my blood pressure and discovered it was 150 over 100. My hunch was right. Half the time I was on the crummy exercise bike. I wish they new how to adjust to the proper seat height.

As for the girl, we’ve been teasing each other through text, and I won again last night’s round. Quotable text: ‘Wag mong pasisimulan ang ‘di mo kayang tapusin.” I’m down to less than a hundred pesos worth of credits. God! Spare me from this mediocrity and make me a Jesuit instead! Hehehehehe!

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