May pangakong taglay ang 2003 para sa akin

In a couple of hours, it’ll be September. October is around the corner. Soon enough it’s November, then December. So what’s the point I’m driving at here? Remember when I started my post this year with a bold statement (i.e, May pangakong taglay ang 2002 para sa akin)? Well, it’s almost 2003 and I don’t see any promises being fulfilled. Somehow I’m slowly beginning to realize that making these bold statements has become a yearly affair. Unless I do something about it. (Or I buy a set of those cool Rune Stones that Joseph has.)

I’m finished buying Stacey, my inaanak, gifts for her first birthday. I got her about a dozen Filipino children’s books and a sungka set. I hope Mareng Chegay and Pareng Alvin knows how to play sungka so they can teach dear old Stacey how to when she’s old enough.

SMS has entered the Blog!

I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve come up with an SMS poll on the left section of this webpage. If you were in my shoes, what will you do if you found out that the one you love already has a BF/GF? I’ll be posting my dilemma at PinoyCentral TV’s poll (and you can see the results realtime). Please help me make a decision.

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