I’m back from the Baguio trip with the boys. We had a blast. Wish we could do more of these trips.

I don’t feel like writing paragraph upon paragraph of what happened. This will do for now:

1. Left Manila on Thursday and slept in Morny’s new house at Mangaldan in Pangasinan.

2. It’s hard to get chonkee in Baguio if you have no contacts. I’ve gone as far as saying the word out loud in the market. No reactions. On second thought, maybe they’re scared of selling the stuff to some big guy wearing a bright yellow shirt.

3. It’s only the Manileños who say that the Good Sheperd Ube Jam is the best in Baguio. The locals have other brands in mind.

4. The steps from session road going up to the Cathedral is six steps shy of being one hundred.

5. If you see five guys in a bar with a lounge act singing the ultimate senti songs, would you think that they’re gay?

6. Morny’s quotable quote: “Kung sa tingin lang, hindi mo naman iisipin na matalino si Rumel.”

7. Steak and Toppings’ Chicken Barbecue are to die for.

8. Joseph: “Why is it called Mongolian Grill when it’s actually fried?”

9. In our whole stay in Baguio, I only won once in Mah Jong.

10. Went to a girlie bar called Jecks. The dancers suck. They didn’t even go topless! Surprisingly, their live band rocks. Too bad nagbrown-out.

11. If Kris Aquino would run for office, would she win in Tarlac?

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