Thank God it’s Friday. I see this in almost all the blogs that I read and I can’t blame them for feeling this way. It has been a really tiring week, and with the way things are cooking up for the coming week (i.e., appointments and deadlines), the weekend is something everyone looks forward to to catch up with their lives.

It’s election time for the Batangas Mountain Bikers. I pray that it’s going to be fair one this year. Last year was quite sneaky. There were no announcements whatsoever that the election was going to take place on that July ride, and so only a little more than ten people voted for the officers of the organization. The result: a non-existent president for the year 2001 with no significant projects (even the annual jersey).

The great MCG is here in the office. He looks ready for the wedding, sporting a long hair that would rival that of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible II. The veil would look really good on him.

I was laughing my ass off when I read Emer’s blog entry on the Sword of the Archangel Michael. Now I’m waiting for them to auction off the horses of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! It reminded me of the Nativity Cross at Bethlehem. Now that was a big rip-off! Do you still remember the narrator’s line when he introduced the product? “These stones were witnesses to Christ’s birth.”

I am still a MESALA member, but I have no plans of getting a loan. I’m now using it as a savings investment for my future. Instead of a plain savings account, where they deduct P2,000 from your salary automatically, I transferred it all on Capital Investment, where it earns interest every six months.

That last paragraph made me realize one thing – I am getting old. I have never really thought about saving and investing for the future until now. So is it a pension plan next? Who knows? I’m still at this bout of “depression”, remember?

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