Happy hour cheered me up. There’s nothing like a cold Colt 45 on an early Friday night impromptu drinking session with officemates. I thank the gods for giving us this little luxury. It was really an effective stress reliever.

I’m bound for Batangas tomorrow early morning. My lola’s sister-in-law, who lives with her and whom we also consider as our lola also, passed away this week because of complications from her kidney disease. She will be remembered as our lola who loves to eat.

Now, after the Great Jhing Extravaganza, they’re imposing a new rule in getting a loan from MESALA. In short, it’s goodbye to my dream of getting myself an Intense Tracer. Oh well. It was fun fantasizing about the things you’d buy while it lasted. For a while there I really thought it was heavensent. But I have to admit that was good. I had fun back there cranking up the old gray matter dreaming of things I could not possibly get in this lifetime. I think it’s a part of the new office stress reliever program — giving false hopes. Quite effective. Welcome to the wonderful world of Capitalism.

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